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Gaming PCs

We are doing everything to ensure that gamers enjoy the atmosphere of the game without being distracted by payment issues. Therefore, we provide low prices by offering:

  • Democratic hourly rates for the cyber sports arena
  • Special day and evening packages
  • Cost-effective team package

Our computers have the following specs:

  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-9700K
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS: GO is a game that is a three-dimensional multiplayer first-person shooter in which you are divided into two teams and fight each other. You will fight in a group of terrorists or for special forces, and complete the task of clearing the bomb and rescue the hostages. In the first scenario, you and your friends playing for a team of terrorists must plant a bomb in one of multiple specific locations, and special forces must successfully defuse it. In the second scenario, players from the terrorist team need to prevent the opposing team from saving the hostages they have abducted.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a game in which two teams of five people participate. One team plays for the light side, the other for the dark. Your final goal in each match with your friends is to destroy the enemy “fortress”, a special object belonging to the enemy, and protect your own fortress. Each of you is given one character, which is called a hero; You can choose heroes from an extensive list, and each hero has his own recognizable appearance, strengths and weaknesses. During the match, the player performs a certain role, gets points, earns gold, buys and collects items that improve him or give additional abilities. “Carry” at the beginning of the match are relatively weak, but as you gain experience points they become stronger and gain access to abilities that allow them to easily defeat enemies and ultimately achieve victory for the whole team. The abilities of the “support” heroes allow you to help your comrades – for example, restore lost health points. If the hero’s health points are reduced to zero — for example, an enemy hero defeats him in battle — the hero is considered “dead” for some short time; at the end of this time, the hero reappears next to the fortress, and the player controlling him can resume the game. Destroying an enemy hero brings a large number of experience points to his opponent.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a game in which you and your friends to battle against two randomly selected teams of 15 players – at the same time on the same team can be tanks from different countries and years of release, real tanks and experimental models. In order to win, you must completely destroy the enemy team in battle or capture his base, for which one or several tanks must be in the marked area for a certain amount of time, without receiving any damage.


Up to 100 players fight in the “royal battle”, where players fight among themselves to become the last survivor. Players can choose how to enter the match: alone, in pairs or in a squad of four people. In any case, the last person or team left alive wins the match. Each match begins with the fact that all players jump with a hang glider from a flying blue bus above the map. The flight route of the bus through the map is randomly selected at the beginning of the match, which requires players to quickly determine the best moment to jump out. Players begin the round with a pickaxe, with which you can destroy buildings and objects, thereby extracting building materials. Once players land, they can inspect various buildings and objects in search of weapons, ammunition, materials, medicine and many other things. These items are distributed throughout the map at the beginning of the match, and certain areas have an increased chance of finding the best equipment there. Killed players leave equipment at the place of their death. Building materials are needed for the construction of structures; their extraction requires the destruction of various buildings, trees and many other destructible objects.


Warface is an online shooter. You have to conduct battles in various parts of the globe, starting with large cities and ending with small, but no less dangerous villages. The innovative design of the project combines simple controls and unique gameplay, allowing you to plunge headlong into the harsh world of the future. Finally, Warface offers great multiplayer features. In cooperative mode, interesting tasks await you, for the passage of which you will need not only the ability to shoot accurately, but also a streamlined team interaction. In a variety of PvP modes, players will be able to choose the class of their fighter and feel the real intensity of passions in exciting battles.


Hearthstone is a collectible online card game based on a turn-based system of transferring moves between the opponents during a match using prepared in advance card decks. Several game modes are available for you, differing in the rules for holding matches or using decks. As in other games of this genre, Hearthstone has a strategic component, manifested in the tactics of pre-match collection of decks and rational use of cards during the match, with an element of randomness consisting in the order of drawing cards from the deck and the effects of individual cards. Each new player after the “Training” mode gets the opportunity to collect a basic set of cards for free. You can get additional sets of cards by purchasing for game currency or for real money using the microtransaction system (in this case, sets of random cards of the add-on chosen by the player are purchased).